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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. ~Abraham Lincoln


I think Iran is going to be the next Middle Eastern country that will see a revolution. However, it is likely that it won't involve our military, at least not in the same way as in Iraq. Special forces and the CIA will probably have a role to play, but there is already a pro-democracy movement brewing over there. To my knowledge, the people there have not been brutalized to the extent that the Iraqis were under Hussein, so I think that when the time comes, they will be able to fight the fight themselves. Foment, baby, foment.


Friday, April 18, 2003



This isn't good either. However, the key phrase:

The lack of basic services such as power, water and police protection has hobbled the city's economy and fueled a mixture of rage and resentment against American forces. Iraqis are angry that U.S. troops rarely assume the role of police and resentful when they do.

Do they want us to help them rebuild their country or not? That is the question every Iraqi citizen must ask him or herself. If they want us to get the hell out of there immediately, fine. Then they can foot the bill for rebuilding themselves. And then they can wonder why we aren't so eager to lift the economic sanctions against them. On the other hand, if they just let us get done searching the place and allow some time for their leadership to get things going, they will find that America is a great friend to have. I have a feeling that the people will calm down once they get power and water back. Still, I thought that our battle plan was supposed to leave most of the infrastructure intact.

Their resentment is understandable considering the way we have interfered with Middle Eastern political bodies in the past, but hopefully the Arab leaders there will explain that our presence there is necessary for the time being.


This isn't a good sign. We captured the top science advisor and the top nuke program guy, and Rummy says we need the Iraqi people to lead us to the weapons of mass destruction? Now good old Hans Blix is piping up again. We have had special forces running around Iraq for a few months now, and they apparently haven't reported anything either. If we don't find some big stockpiles within a week or two, I have a feeling things are going to get real ugly for the boys back in Washington.


Thursday, April 17, 2003

Awwww, shit, look who's back!


As if the fantasy-land that is the UN could not get any more convoluted, there is now a debate on whether and how we should remove the Iraqi economic sanctions.

Washington wants to lift the sanctions quickly so Iraq can sell oil and pay for reconstruction, but U.N. resolutions say this depends on the world body certifying that Iraq is free of weapons of mass destruction.

WTF? Good plan fellas, send in Chief Inspector Hans Clouseau again.

The enlightened French President Chirac:

"Now it is up to the United Nations to define the modalities of the lifting of sanctions," said French President Jacques Chirac, without elaborating.

Considering we are the ones who liberated Iraq, giving them their first chance in years to live without sanctions, I believe that the modality will be that we will be handling this issue ourselves and you can go and play in your UN happyland and pretend that anyone cares what your country says anymore. As if there is even an issue! Now let's think, why wouldn't France want to immediately drop the sanctions so that Iraq can get its economy turned around? Because it's all about OOOOOOOIIIIIIILLLLLLL!.

I should have said that we, Britain, and Australia liberated Iraq, with the assistance of quite a few other countries as well. However, if it wasn't us, it wasn't going to be anybody.


Wednesday, April 16, 2003

SWEPT AWAY! That one's gotta hurt! My guess is that at least five wings don't come back to play next year.


Contrary to popular belief, you can make a difference.


Tuesday, April 15, 2003

And you thought that things from Mallrats never happened anywhere else.


DC has a conspiracy theory about Roy Williams and North Carolina. In his opinion, this whole thing was set in motion a few weeks, maybe even months ago. The evidence? Look at the way Doherty was pushed out of NC. Apparently, the athletic director was going around to the players and their parents and really raising up a muck about Doherty. DC believes this was intentional to put Doherty in a position where he had no choice but to resign. Now there is an empty space. Who has NC been talking to about the coaching position during the last two weeks? It looks like nobody except Williams. You would at least think they would be looking around -- unless they knew something. Now that Hinrich and Collison are gone, KU is at the end of a cycle. What better time than that for Roy to take off? Either he wins the championship and can leave in glory, or he can lose and say, well, I've been to the Final Four four times here, I am ready to try things somewhere else.

I'd like to know what was really said between Smith and Williams during their last "golfing trip".


Monday, April 14, 2003

Sandrine's letter is in Tuesday's Daily. This is the title:

The French are just so sophisticated while Americans are idiots, isn't that right?

You will have to read my previous posts about this to understand it, but that is a line from my initial nasty letter to her! I now believe she had been irresponsibly misquoted, and she does a pretty good job here of explaining it. The Daily should issue an apology to her though. I wonder if that will be in the actual paper tommorow.


France tells Syria to shut up! (link via LGF)


My anti-war sign:

O'REILLY: If you are wrong… and if the United States - and they will, this is going to happen - goes in, liberates Iraq [with] people in the street, American flags, hugging our soldiers… you gonna apologize to George W. Bush?

GARAFALO: I would be so willing to say, "I'm sorry". I hope to God that I can be made a buffoon of, that people will say, "You were wrong. You were a fatalist". And I will go to the White House on my knees on cut glass and say, "Hey, you and Thomas Friedman were right… I shouldn't have doubted you"…

You tell 'em J!


Roy Williams has left Kansas for North Carolina. I always thought he was a good coach, even though he never had as much success in the tournament as he probably should have had . A lot of people are pissed off! My big question, though, is why doesn't CU have a site like this?


I am:

So which LOTR Villain are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.


Everybody else in the blogosphere has linked here, so I suppose I will too. A good discussion going on about the looting.


Sunday, April 13, 2003

Jim Treacher points us to "out-of-proportion-land". So this museum, which is apparently one of the most amazing in the world, gets looted. Our forces probably should have done more to try and protect it. So should have the Iraqi people and the museum people themselves. However, it is only stuff, not people. I'd hate to see what happens when these people hear about this.


It looks like Sandrine will get to tell her side of the article in tomorrow's Daily. I contacted the editor, and here is what he said:

Mr. Christ:

This conflict marks a disagreement between Ms. Vandermarliere and our
reporter, Adam Ewing, involving an attempt on Mr. Ewing's part to ascertain
her meaning. She was trying to make the point that Americans like to follow
along and think as a herd -- this according to Mr. Ewing. She was stuck on
coming up with a noun
to describe this, Mr. Ewing offered "sheep" and Ms. Vandermarliere agreed
that was the right word.

Attributing this as a direct quote is not advisable under these
circumstances, and neither is asking a leading question. I have spoken to
Mr. Ewing about this and am prepared to print Ms. Vandermarliere's letter to
us as soon as she completes it and to publish it in our pages. You will note
Ms. Merlin's accounting of these events in tomorrow's letters section of the
Colorado Daily.

I hope this answers your question.


Bronson Hilliard
Managing editor
Colorado Daily

As usual, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. It is not clear to me whether Ewing will actually apologize for misquoting her. I think he should.


There is a lot of looting going on in Baghdad. It appears that we don't really have much of a plan right now on how to deal with it. It is not going to help anything much if it doesn't die down soon. However, what are we really expected to do? We are supposed to be 'liberating' these people. If we started confronting the looters, we would have to back it up. People would end up getting arrested or shot or even killed. What would ensue would be a HELL of a lot worse than this looting. What the Iraqis must realize is that they need to start taking care of things themselves. Given the length and brutality of Saddam's rule, it may take awhile for that idea to set in. However, nothing can start to progress until it does.

Also, try blaming the looters a bit for the looting instead of us!


Look who wants to be friends now.


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