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Friday, May 02, 2003

The former Iraqi information minister's fanclub has a lot of good info as to his whereabouts. Oh, wait!


Remember all of that insane looting that happened while our troops just stood by and watched? Remember how some people were calling it one of the worst cultural disasters in Middle East history? Well, maybe perspective is a good thing.

Col. Matthew F. Bogdanos, a Marine reservist who is investigating the looting and is stationed at the museum, said museum officials had given him a list of 29 artifacts that were definitely missing. But since then, 4 items — ivory objects from the eighth century B.C. — had been traced.

"Twenty-five pieces is not the same as 170,000," said Colonel Bogdanos, who in civilian life is an assistant Manhattan district attorney...

For Mr. Limbert, the case is undecided. "One theory is that this was done by people who knew which were the best pieces and came equipped to get them," he said. "I'm told 27 pieces were taken from the actual galleries. But the other theory is that this was a smash-and-grab operation, mostly by people from the neighborhood. What supports this is that a lot of very good pieces have been returned. If you like conspiracy theories, you can go on forever here."

I wonder if the bizarro world knows about this?


Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Free speech! Free speech! Free speech! The unwavering call of the left. They are a source of constant criticism towards our government which, to these people, is constantly quashing free speech. Then how do they explain this?

That’s because many California textbooks will no longer feature pictures of hot dogs, sodas, cakes, butter and other kinds of food that are not considered nutritious. Nor will the books contain any phrases judged to be sexist or politically insensitive.

The Founding Fathers, for instance, are now referred to as "The Framers," in an apparent effort to make them sound less male-dominant. And there will be no more reading about Mount Rushmore (search), where the faces of four U.S. presidents are carved into stone, because it appears to offend some American-Indian groups.

The changes, which reflect a wide range of political correctness (search), have been brought about by pressure groups on both sides of the political aisle, as both Democratic and Republican legislators have been lobbied.

Snowman? No more. Melt that image and replace with Snowperson. Want to sail away on a yacht? No, again. It’s too elitist.

And if you think grandpa is a senior citizen, guess what? You’re wrong. That’s demeaning, according to the new standards. He is now simply an "older person."

The laundry list of words and images banned or considered offensive is not a short one. The word "jungle" has been replaced with "rain forest." The word "devil" has disappeared entirely, with no replacement.

As their cries for free speech grow ever louder, their tolerance for what is allowed to be said, printed, and distributed grows ever smaller. You've just got to love those California liberals.


Monday, April 28, 2003

Time to pay the piper, fatboy.

Just to be fair, I never actually saw the movie. I just really don't like Michael Moore.


Sunday, April 27, 2003

Where are the freakin' weapons, guys? I mean, it is becoming inconceivable that they have not found anything. Unless there isn't anything there. They haven't even found a substansial trace! Every single test so far on possible weapons has turned up to be a false positive. Maybe the weapons are in Syria. Somebody knows where they are, and given all the top people we have arrested so far, there aren't that many possible somebodies left. You've got to believe that the administration is trying its damndest to find something. I give them one more week. If nothing, not even a solid lead, then, the cynicism meter goes up a notch.

Imagine if we had taken 3,000 field casualties in the Iraqi invasion, the equivalent of our losses on 9/11. Don't you think there would be a little bit more grumbling about the lack of progress finding the weapons?

This is an encouraging theory, and it fouces on Saddam's suspicious behavior and that maybe he hid the weapons, but what if he really did destroy them. I don't know the answers, but what I do know is that the administration's promotion of the war is beginning to look a lot like a propaganda assault.


Even more evidence of connections between Saddam Hussein and the French government (once again, via LGF).

France colluded with the Iraqi secret service to undermine a Paris conference held by the prominent human rights group Indict, according to documents found in the foreign ministry in Baghdad...

...They include a six-page letter dated February 1998 from Saddam Hussein to Jacques Chirac, welcoming the French president's support in the campaign against sanctions and assuring him that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.

If these French girls here in Boulder thought that anti-French sentiment was bad then, just wait until all of this new stuff starts flowing through.


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