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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Well, old Hil's at it again. Trying to push her "let the government do this too" agenda on America. Jaboobie's got the scoop.

"The legislation, co-sponsored by Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison would provide $200 million to establish a nationwide community help line, including almost $4 million for Clinton's "home" state."

Why Hutchison is involved in this is beyond me. Most likely part of the "favor" system that permeates our Congress. That is $ 200,000,000 for a help-line, apparently to help those who cannot use a phone book. Which begs the question, how will they ever find the number?


Tuesday, May 20, 2003

If you haven't heard, Jayson Blair is the (former) New York Times reporter who had literally made up stories for the past few months and passed them off as legitimate news. All the garbage came out a few days ago and the paper's credibility has been seriously damaged by Blair. Here is what that lying POS is saying now about a story he made up:

'Former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair said he "couldn't stop laughing" when the newspaper corrected his fraudulent description of an American POW's home in West Virginia, according to excerpts of an interview with the New York Observer.
"That's my favorite, just because the description was so far off from the reality. And the way they described it in The Times story -- someone read a portion of it to me -- I couldn't stop laughing," Blair said in an interview scheduled for publication Wednesday. The newspaper made excerpts available to The Associated Press on Tuesday...

...According to excerpts from the Observer, Blair said his deceptions stemmed from personal problems.

"I was either going to kill myself or I was going to kill the journalist persona," he said. "So Jayson Blair the human being could live, Jayson Blair the journalist had to die." '

He thinks it's funny! But it's just a mistake because of "personal problems." Just like Larry Eustachy's conduct was because of "personal problems." And every drug addict out there who is allowed to blame his or her behavior on "personal problems." I guess at some level every mistake we make is due to some "personal problem," but that doesn't really explain anything. If you hated journalism so much Jayson, why didn't you just quit? Why did you feel the need to LIE on an international scale and destroy the credibility of the legitimate reporters (there must be at least some) at the paper? For all we know, his whole "I was going to commit suicide" line is just another lie along with the rest.


Here is some good news about the Palestinians:

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip (AP) - Palestinian residents of a northern Gaza town demonstrated Tuesday after Israelis destroyed buildings and farms there in a five-day invasion, but in a rare twist, their wrath was directed at Palestinian militants for firing rockets from their property, not at the Israelis.

This is definitely positive, and our media should do their best to show this in the best positive light. Unfortunately, the Palestinians have a history of killing those who dissent, so this may not begin a sort of long term trend.

It is, though, a sign that there are Palestinians who want the violence to stop.


Monday, May 19, 2003

My previous post was a bit humorous, but I am afraid that this one is the polar opposite. As you might have heard, there have been a number of suicide bombings in Israel recently. In fact, there have been 5 in the last 48 hours. We in America have only had one run in with suicide bombers, 9/11. That was suicide bombing on a massive scale, and we are all aware of the destruction it caused. But we are not subjected to the kind of terror that can literally occur at any moment, on any street in Israel. I doubt that many Americans have even seen firsthand the effect any kind of bomb has on the human body itself. Charles Johnson posted a link to some photos on his website of one of the latest suicide bombings. Be warned. These photos are bloody, and if you don't know if you can handle them, don't go see them. However, these are the images of what the Israeli people are unable to escape from. Imagine the American response if such acts were committed here with the same frequency.

We can argue about who's fault it is that there isn't peace over in Israel for days, or even years. However, you cannot argue that this violence which is knowingly and intentionally directed at innocent civilians is not fundamentally different than the military action Western countries, including Israel, employ. There is a difference, yet these bombers are trained from the day they are born that there is no difference, and that it is their destiny to blow themselves up and to try and kill as many Jews as they can in the process.

The Palestinian culture is sick, and if there are those in it who wish for peace, they are not able to do anything about it. How much violence can one country take before it is allowed to fight back? That is the question we must ask ourselves about Israel.


Now this, well, this is just downright mean:

"The U.S. military is using Metallica and the ‘Barney’ theme song as instruments of coercion in Iraq... ...U.S. military units have been breaking Saddam supporters with long sessions in which they’re forced to listen to heavy-metal and children’s songs. “Trust me, it works,” says one U.S. operative."

Don't do it, do not click here! The song! It does not stop! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!


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